Leaflet Distribution In UK

For over 10 years JogPost has been revolutionizing the entryway to entryway leaflet distribution in london industry, ordinarily achieving as much as multiple times the aftereffects of different organizations. Is anyone surprised we’re the top of the line organization in The UK?

Why JogPost?

As the solitary organization to utilize jogging wholesalers we’ve tackled the main issue in the industry – staff compensation. Since our merchants move twice as quick and convey twice the greatest number of leaflets we can pay them enough cash to finish the activity. It takes 7-10 hours to circulate 1000 leaflets in case you’re walking.

Minimum compensation is £7.83. Organizations with walking merchants would need to charge £80 per 1000 leaflets to finish the activity, and that is with no oversight or benefit.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to carry out the responsibility for less expensive than we charge.


Join us on a Ride-along and witness your distribution progressively. Meet the joggers and ride around in the manager’s vehicle to get a full understanding of our incredible back checking frameworks.

See the GPS tracking on the iPad and see how we screen and back check all the distributions to ensure you get the most ideal outcomes from your missions.

Select Your Coverage

We utilize progressed Geoplan programming to focus on those roads and family units that most intently coordinate your client profile. You may, for instance, select explicit roads or regions, bar pads, choose gathering houses just, or reject them by and large.

Also we can adopt a thinking strategy – for instance targeting houses with south-bound rooftops for an organization selling sun oriented boards.

Cover Delivery

The most practical alternative, this permits you to focus on all families in a given territory. With only 24 hours notice we can convey to up to 30,000 family units within the M25 in one day.

Allow us seven days’ notification and we can increase that figure to 250,000 in a single day. You’ll find it’s quicker than any other person as well as better – incredibly increasing in general effect. In addition you can see with your own eyes how well it functions, because of our exceptional Ride Along® Service.