Build A Consistent Writing Habit In One Month

#TITLE# Build A Consistent Writing Habit In One Month #/TITLE#

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Everything you do begins with writing. It is the foundation for anything you want to do. And doing it consistently online is the highest leverage habit in human history. Build an internet writing custom in 30 days with community responsibility.

The 3 Secrets to Building A Writing Habit

A writing habit works because it is built on a solid base. And a solid foundation is built on a foundation of deliberate thought and action. Without that deliberate thought and action, building a writing habit is hopeless. Here are three secrets to a writing habit that helps you build a writing habit in 30 days. 1. There`s something very special about the tactile nature of writing on paper. Not typing your thoughts into an email. Writing in pencil, on paper, changes the physics of the whole process. In today`s world, technology has changed writing forever. The point is that for 30 days (October 4th through November 1st) you write every single day. No exceptions. You can write about anything. Or nothing. But you MUST write daily. It could be in a blog. Or on a social networking. You can delete or trash it. You can place it on Facebook. Or not. You can write it publicly or privately. You can hide your blog or mention it in public posts. You can listen to a podcast while writing. Or not. You can take a walk or not. You can take a shower or not. Whatever it is, you MUST write something every single day for 30 days. It doesn`t matter what you write.

Get Accountability In the Community

Get your friends, family, or co-workers to assist you meet your writing goals by offering them the opportunity to write a short prompt each week in the #TheLingeringFog hashtag on Twitter. Find out more and get started building your community.

Get Accountability From Yourself

Get liability from yourself. Start small. Even write in the same corner of the area where you usually write. That can be the beginning of the end of procrastination and perfectionism. You will build your motivation by getting started. Get active, then find comfortable. Use Resolutions Use a conventional goal framework to remain consistent. I recommend that you decide on a resolution based on two components: Tenacity: Would you develop the capacity to persist and persist consistently? Persistence: Would you follow through? Will you keep doing what you`ve started when you are tempted to drop it? Join Communities When you begin, you`ll need to seek out others who are working on the same goals.

Tools To Help You

1) My personal blog, Writing From The Margins, to turn into a full-time freelance gig. 2) GoTee to create team responsibility for writing on a regular basis. 3) DigiDose to track and publish all of my writing and publication creation progress. To do this: In 3 weeks, I took two weeks of that self-made time, not a day longer, to practice writing frequently. I: Made a commitment. T: wrote for 2 hours daily in 1 location and continued writing at least 10 minutes per day for two weeks. R: maintained that the writing habit through a 30-day challenge with no suspension of service or stop or cheating or some other impulsive behavior. Key takeaways Building a consistent writing habit doesn`t happen overnight. It doesn`t require 30 days to be consistent.

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All of us know why online writers continue to write; the job market sucks and most of us have a lot of writing to do. (Unless you`re me. But the writing community sucks for other reasons too: Many of us spend our time sending emails, sharing links, shopping, and whatnot. If you don`t understand what your readers want, you`ll never build an audience. If you don`t understand what your readers want, you`ll never get noticed by other people who do. If your readers ask for it, they do not write and say”huh? How to write even better There are so many people doing things better than I am, and everyone has something unique to contribute. That`s what makes community so powerful.